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General Conditions

Project San-Wells IS NOT LIABLE for any kind of interaction between users that may potentially lead to damage for the third party. Nor do we hold any responsibility for the information that is provided by the users.

1. Authority
Administrator is always right. All decisions are final.

2. General rules
You are expected to be adequate and polite. Insulting other users is prohibited.

Chat permissions:
- Communication with other chat participants, not contradicting the General provisions of the rules.

Chat restrictions:
- discussion of the actions of the administration and moderators
- asking to change account
- messages check/view/response/decide/etc Ticket
- insulting other users and sellers
- posting sales information
- asking for contact information of the seller
- write similar messages
- write your contacts icq,jabber,yahoo and other messengers
- use privnote.com or other similar services
- write CAPS
- threaten

- Actions of the Administration are not subject to discussion and complaints about it are not accepted.
- If you believe that the Moderator is systematically unfair, or because of personal ambitions,
or because of the fact that is not a fact for punishments, applies the measures indicated above,
you can file a complaint with the Administration with the provision of evidence or facts.

Attention: fabricated evidence against the Moderator is punished with an immediate ban

Unblock chat: 1st block - 10$ , 2nd block - 25$ , 3rd block - 100$ , 4th block - permanent Block.

3. Arbitration
Arbitration of the project is our guarantee of compliance with all the rules and orders of the trading platform. If you encounter any violations, snitches or unfair trade, you should immediately contact administrator through "Arbitration", or private messages (contact people with administrator or moderator badge).

Every seller in the marketplace has gone through verification. We’ve checked the availability of the product as well as seller’s reputation in the deep web. Thus, we guarantee that all of our sellers are trusted. All deals with trusted sellers made through our web site are protected by our project. Any deals outside the project are done at your peril, responsibility is solely on you.

For example:
One of the sellers gives you his Jabber, you contact him, make a deal and pay. Then you get the product but it has poor quality OR, even worse, you don’t get anything at all.
In this scenario our project doesn’t have any responsibility for seller’s actions.

4. Become a seller
All in-project communication is done through our server, which has top security ratings (https://xmpp.net/result.php?domain=xjabber.pro&type=client)

If you want to become a seller:
- make account on xjabber.pro
- contact us at support@san-wells.ws (MUST use OTR encryption) OR through ticket
Write clearly so that both Russian and foreign users could understand. Include product replacement policy and determine a time period in which the product will be replaced. Also, give us a schedule for technical support and product replacement (for example, online from 8.00 to 23.00 GMT +3).

5. Advertisements
Unauthorized advertisement is strictly prohibited. Only payed and officially authorized ads are allowed.
If you’d like to advertise on our web site, do the following:
- make account on xjabber.pro
- contact us at support@san-wells.ws (MUST use OTR encryption) OR through ticket
Tell us that you want to put an ad. Give us detailed information about the product you’d like to advertise.
- go through possession of the product verification
- pay according to the price list
-The output balance is not made to customers
6. Contact us.
Users (buyers) should only contact us through ticket system on the web site.
Sellers could contact us both through jabber and tickets.

If you contact us without any specific reason, you will be banned for indefinite period of time without a refund. We value our time.

Soo, what exactly do we do?
The first rule of Fight Club…

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